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The contingency plan


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The Fire & Security Installation industry is our background and it's a niche market; so it isn’t always possible to find what you need in the local high street shops.

Even if you can find an outlet to provide you with the item that you need, getting there and back with enough time to complete the job is not always possible or practical when you consider things like location, potential traffic, lack of parking spaces and lack of time.

Not only that, having to leave site to find the part you need means reducing that all important profit margin. 

Fast food and groceries can be brought to you in minutes with just a few taps on an app, so why not work materials for the Tradesperson on site?

Can't finish the job?

Need to reschedule your diary?

Frustrated Clients & Team?

Reduced profit margin?

Image by Markus Winkler

Have you ever faced these problems?
Squick is the solution you need

Untitled (1300 × 2300 px) (350 × 750 px).png
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
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